An intimate conference on the future of SEO and Content Marketing.

Feb. 26, 2013 ★ New York City

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We are at a time of great interest and enormous change in organic search, content marketing and social media. As these disciplines continue to grow, they have also started to intersect, working to understand common ground and ownership of traditional tactics.

To add to the complexity, Google's algorithm updates have forced brands, agencies and service providers to reexamine their values. This means at times abandoning tactics that were recently created (such as gaming the system through link building and low-quality/high quantity content), forcing all to return to a focus on relevant content for users.

As the content renaissance starts, advances in cloud platforms, big data technology and mobile device distribution, SEO and content marketing service providers are in a daily race to develop advantageous uses for these innovations.

Enter FOUND Conf, an open discussion with brands and agencies who are leading the charge and looking for answers, the SaaS companies that are building technology to handle the changing climate, and industry thought leaders who are looking to predict what's next.

Join us to kick off the conference series in New York City, the genesis of publishing and content in the US, for an evening of great speakers, challenging questions, audience-encouraged participation, and networking.

*** This will be an intimate gathering to allow all attendees to participate and network effectively. For that reason, space is limited.


In Alphabetical Order

Jonathan Ashton

Executive Director

Search & Analytics


Rick Bakas


Bakas Media

Ray Grieselhuber

CEO & Co-Founder


Audrey Rasizer Marlow

Sr. Director of Online Analytics

The Media Innovation Group

Ben Parr

Managing Partner


David Torchiano

Director of Online Optimization

The New York Times


The Future of SEO & Content Marketing

Time Session / Activity
5:00pm-5:30pm Registration & Refreshments

The Web Wants You to Keep it Real

Speaker: Ray Grieselhuber


To Blog or Not to Blog? That's the Ecommerce Question

Speaker: Jonathan Ashton


Speaker: Rick Bakas


Speaker: David Torchiano


Speaker: Audrey Rasizer Marlow


Panel Session & QA with Speakers

Moderator: Ben Parr


Drinks & Networking